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Given the tendency of Jeep owners to modify their vehicles, I thought it would be useful to post some technical information for all of you to refer to.

This data is compiled from various sources, and every effort has been made to ensure its veracity. Also, I have taken the liberty of building in some "safety factors" to protect both me and you (where applicable, I'll explain how I reached the "safety factor," and you'll be able to make your own decisions on whether or not it would be "safe" for you to exceed the limits I set forth here. However, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

So, you can sort through all of this, and I hope you find it helpful. If you've got ideas for anything else that I should add here, do please let me know - and I'll see what I can do to add it. That's not to say that the information can't be found with a little digging - but the idea here is to make it all available IN ONE PLACE, and save you all the digging...

This section is likely to be in a state of flux for a couple of whiles - as I gather information, and figure out better ways to organise it. Try not to get used to it as it is - it will probably be different next week! I'll do my best to keep the links easy to understand, so it's not too much trouble for you to find what you need to know...

While subject to change, I have no plans to eliminate these pages - merely update them. Consider this section in a constant "state of flux" - that's probably not going to change. I've organised this section using the "drill-down" method - it will take a little thinking to get used to, but it's probably the most efficient way to do it. Therefore, each level of index - or each section - will feature links that get more specific. If this doesn't work for enough people, I'm always willing to entertain suggestions - if I get enough people telling me NOT to do it the way I did - but to do it ANOTHER way - I just might. All I ask is that you are, at least, fairly specific in your suggestions. If you have nothing to suggest, then at least tell me what you DON'T like and what you'd want changed (and, preferably, how,) so I know which way to go. The essential thrust of this section is to make an easy-to-use "ready reference" for Jeep tech.

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